Youth groups and Sunday/Sabbath School classes are invited to enter. Create a big colorful banner about what our CROP Walk does. Put your group's name on it, and bring it to the walk. Groups will gather under the "Banner Contest" sign for the "Banner Parade."

The Youth Group from First Religious Society in Carlisle was recognized for their details and written words of hope on individual leaves. The 5th and 6th graders from St Anne’s in the Fields in Lincoln had a colorful and clear graphic message. Both groups won pizza parties donated by Dino’s and Sorrento’s of Concord.

Your group's banner can be made of almost anything – an old sheet, muslin, felt – whatever captures your fancy! You may want to have your group make their CROP banner several weeks before the Walk so that you can display it and use it as publicity for the Walk.

All banners must be registered . Don't forget to bring your registration form if you haven't sent it in by the walk date.

Winners from 2017

2017 First Religious Society Carlisle bannerFirst Religious Society in Carlisle

2017 St. Annes bannerSt Anne’s in the Fields in Lincoln