Special Activities

Musical Entertainment

The Concord-Carlisle High School Pep Band, directed by David Gresko, will provide pre-walk musical entertainment beginning at 1:30 p.m.

CCHS Pep Band 2007

The Yankee Stompers Dixieland Jazz Band performs in the Parish Hall at the conclusion of the walk. CROP walkers and workers have enjoyed our special musical treats by talented area musicians for several years.

The 20+ Program

(“A Free T for Me!”)

The “Free T” program is the Concord Walk for Hunger’s most popular program. To become a member, individual walkers must obtain a minimum of twenty sponsors before the walk, or raise $500 in pledges. Two sponsor envelopes are needed, as the walk papers have room for only fifteen sponsors. Twenty sponsors entitle the walker to one free CROP T-shirt on the day of the walk. Look for the 20 + table the day of the walk to collect your free t-shirt. Everyone, youth or adult, is eligible for the award. While two people (or a family) may work together for twenty sponsors, only one shirt is awarded for twenty sponsors, two shirts for forty sponsors, etc.

Special Activities for Youth

Kids at art contest

Youth Banner Contest

We will hold our popular youth "Banner Contest" again this year! Encourage your group to create a banner illustrating the theme of CROP Walk for the Hungry. Helpful directions for making the banner and registration forms are provided on our website. Please submit one form for each group. We suggest you have your group make the banners a couple of weeks before the CROP Walk and use them as colorful and visible aids in obtaining sponsors for the walk.

The CROP Art Contest

After the walk, all young people are invited to create a design for the next year's CROP T-shirt, which is sold for $15 on the day of the walk. The winner of the design contest receives a free T-shirt and is featured in the local newspapers promoting the Walk. Young people may bring designs from home with them to the walk. Computer art is also now accepted.

Community Service Statements

Please contact one of the local CROP Board members if your school requires a statement of community service.